With their unparalleled levels of stiffness, our pultruded carbon fibre profiles help to strengthen constructions in some of the world’s longest wind turbine blades. Greater demands on wind turbines to produce more energy result in a need for longer blades, which in turn places even greater demands on stiffness from their materials.

Stiffer than fibreglass

Carbon fibre is stiffer than fibreglass, so with full control over the direction of the fibres in our profiles, we can strike the perfect balance between stiffness and weight. This makes our carbon fibre profiles a strong alternative for the demanding wind turbines of tomorrow.

Controlled and documented stiffness

Our continuous production process, pultrusion, allows us to ensure documented and unparalleled levels of quality. As part of this process we control and orient the fibres in order to meet our customers’ needs for both strength and stiffness. We control all critical-to-quality parameters and ensure documentation that attests to the high quality of our profiles.