Here at Fiberline, we are keen to facilitate our customers’ increasing demands for sustainable growth. By using an energy-efficient production process and operating close to our customers, we can figure as part of a sustainable value chain.

Close to our customers

In order to better service the global wind sector, we opened a factory in Tianjin, China’s third-largest urban area, in 2009. By bringing our production process closer to where wind turbines are produced, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint from transport and give our customers the opportunity to ensure a sustainable value chain.

Sustainable profiles from start to finish

Our glass and carbon fibre profiles are manufactured using a continuous process known as pultrusion. This is a closed process which effectively limits the evaporation of volatile substances and keeps energy consumption low. Together with our modern factories, this gives us the best possible framework for an energy-efficient production process. Moreover, our glass and carbon fibre profiles contribute to the green transition by providing components to green end products such as wind turbines, where our profiles are used to strengthen and reinforce turbine blades.